Steam Eye Mask
    For relax your eyes at your free time

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    1.Name : Steam Eye Mask
    2. Package: 1 pcs/ sealed bag
    3.Physical Size: 8X18.5cm
    4.Scent:  lavender , Rose , Chamomile, Olive Oil, Jasmine, grapefruit.
    5.Shelf life: 3 years
    6.Feature: 40℃ constant temperature,comfortable skin friendly,easy to use
    7.Describe: To help people to sleep better,Relieve eyes fatigue,Clean up toxins when make up
    8.Function :
    A.  Relief eyes fatigue
    The 40℃average temperature can last up to 25minutes,it can improve blood circulation for reducing eyes fatigue
    B.  Help to sleep better
    We choose high quality cotton material,stick to eyes tender,release can relief brains nevers,give people a relax mood and have a good sleep
    C.  Moisturize eyes
    The eye mask release steam around the eyes,let you eyes enjoy moist
    D.  Desalt dark circles and eye bag 
    Use the eye mask can effective eliminate eye wrinkles,reduce dark circles and eye bags
    E.  Clean up toxins when make up
    Constant temperature eye mask can promote the blood circulation,accelerate the toxins exclusion

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