Let's meet in CIDPEX2017(China International Disposable Paper EXPO)

    CIDPEX2017, the 24th China International Disposable Paper EXPO is the largest exhibition for tissue paper and disposable hygiene products industry in the world. It provides you with the must-attending opportunity and services

    Place: Wuhan, Hubei, China
    Time: March 22-24, 2017

    Exhibitor List as below,
    1.Tissue Paper Hall A1  Tissue Paper Pavilion
    2.Women, Baby and Elderly Care Products Hall A1/A2 Woman and Baby Care Products Pavilion
    3.Elderly Care Products Pavilion    Hall A2/A3  Baby Hygiene Products/Wipes Pavilion 
    4.Raw Materials  Hall A3   Nonwovens Pavilion
                                    Hall A4  Super Absorbent Polymer, Hot Melt Adhesive, Packing and Printing Pavilion
                                  Hall A3/A4
    5.Other Raw Materials Pavilion 
    6.Machinery Hall A4/A5       Disposable Hygiene Products Machinery Pavilion
                            Hall B1        Tissue Converting Machinery Pavilion
                                                   Tissue Paper Machinery and Related Apparatus Pavilion
                            Hall B2      Packing Machinery Pavilion
    7. Others    Hall A1/A2     other

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